DIO 2024-002 | March 26, 2024 | SGOD PRS GVP

26 March 2024 – The Schools Division of Calbayog City proudly unveiled Project CHRESP (Comprehensive Hiring, Recruitment, and Engaging Selection Process) during the Division MANCOM held today at the SDO Conference Hall.

At the Schools Division of Calbayog City, we firmly believe in adhering to standardized hiring procedures, recognizing their paramount importance in achieving success. This belief has propelled our SDS Margarito Cadayona Jr. and ASDS Jun-Nilou D. Dulfo to invest significant time and effort into the development of CHRESP. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to enhance the transparency and efficiency of our hiring practices, ensuring not only the recruitment of top-tier and qualified candidates but also their effective engagement from the outset.

Through Project CHRESP, our commitment lies in:

🔹optimizing our recruitment procedures to efficiently and objectively identify the most suitable candidates;

🔹enhancing the candidate experience by implementing transparent and refined processes;

🔹employing engaging selection methodologies to objectively evaluate candidates’ skills and qualifications; and

🔹cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce by fostering equal opportunities for all.

We firmly believe that Project CHRESP will not only refine our recruitment processes but also contribute significantly to the overall prosperity and advancement of our institution, thereby bolstering public trust and confidence.